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bloody___lovely's Journal

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All Members , Moderated

- you don't have to like Pirates Of The Caribbean to join this communtiy, but it would be nice if you did.
- don't complain if you get a "no".
- please give respect to all the members and the mods.
- all applications must be put under an lj cut, and if it's not please fix it before one of us has to delete it.
- don't delete your application.
- you must be at 13 to apply here.
- don't comment on any of the applications until you're accepted, if you do you will be deleted.
- d0nT tYpE lYkE tHiS!!!!1111!!11!111!!!!!!! it's annoying and looks like shit.
- you have 24 hours to post your application after you join.
- don't cause drama.
- learn how to use <*img src=""*>. we hate seeing links and having to click on every single one.
- we will tell you the truth about your apperence and personality, so if you don't think you can handle it then don't apply.
- no posting pictures with nudity.
- put "Am I bloody lovely, darlings?" in the subject line when you apply so we know that you read the rules.

- you are allowed to be a total bitch when it comes to looks and personality.
- when you post in the community, put "stamped" in the subject line.
- let's keep this community alive, so be a promotion whore.
- alway put a yes or a no in the subject line when you vote on someone's application.
- please give respect to all the members and the mods.
- you are allowed to promote other communities, just put it under an lj-cut.
- have fun!

Erin (ilove_saturdays, head mod)

Andria (peachy_hamloaf)